Katch N' Kennel 2018

Katch N' Kennel 2018

Help BAIL OUT our celebrities!

Thank you SO MUCH for participating in our Katch N Kennel Fun Festival in support of the Medicine Hat SPCA!! It was an extremely successful event and you made history!! This is the most money that has EVER been raised at an SPCA fundraising event, so thank you! Congratulations to Cameron Kemp who raised $18,290 and will receive the KNK trophy shortly!

You have helped SO many of our animals! Thank you for your hard work, dedication and generosity!

Our team at the shelter are completely swamped (which is a great thing) sorting donations and completing tax receipts, on top of everything else they do!

Some people say they’re going to make a difference and some actually do! You’re all amazing!! Right now, we’re sitting at $46,400, but it is not too late to donate!

~ Kristina Segall - President 2018