Rescue and Rehabilitation

Rescue and Rehabilitation Program

Along with a strong, collaborative network of rescue groups, SPCA’s and other animal shelters across Alberta and Saskatchewan, we help to rescue abandoned, abused and surrendered animals in rural and remote areas. Many of these communities struggle with poverty and a lack of resources and unfortunately, the animals cannot be a priority for many of them due to the other social issues they are experiencing. In these areas, there is little or no animal control nor access to veterinary services as they are so remote. There are countless stray dogs and cats and they will continue to procreate of course, unless there is intervention. With the support of the communities, we work with other groups to spay/neuter animals and to transfer animals to shelters, including our own, who have the capacity to rehabilitate and re-home them. In 2016, our shelter alone was able to assist 90 animals from rural/remote communities.

Some of the animals we rescue are sick or injured and require extensive rehabilitation and medical care. We provide all necessary care, including surgeries for broke bones and of course, spay/neuter surgery, as well as vaccines and treatment for ailments such as skin conditions and parasites. Each animal we bring in through our rescue network costs us an average of $234 after adoption fees are collected. This does not include food, which we can generally get donated, or any additional veterinary expenses we may incur if the animal is injured or ill.

Thank you so much to the CanFel Foundation, Eric S. Margolis Foundation and the Four Feet Companion Foundation for their generous donations to the Rescue & Rehabilitation Program!

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