Old Souls Program


We see animals of every age relinquished to the Medicine Hat SPCA, for a variety of reasons. Because senior animals may have special age-related needs or have experienced recent disruption or stress, they may need some extra care and TLC before they are adopted.

The MHSPCA Save Old Souls Program takes extra care to place them in an appropriate environment and then when they are ready, find them an adoptive home that best suits the needs and abilities of the senior dog or cat.


  1. They are typically cats and smaller breed dogs 10 years and up, large breed dogs 8 years and up;
  2. They have experienced a disruption in their lives due to change in residence, human companion illness or death;
  3. They may face health and/or mobility challenges and some may even require ongoing medical support;
  4. They are not experiencing unmanageable pain or suffering.

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Upon being contacted by the animal’s owner we will:

  1. Advise the owner of our procedures, get information about the animal and answer any questions that they may have.
  2. Determine the necessity of shelter admission and support.
  3. Admit the animal into the Adopt-A-Pet Facility and provide any necessary medical care until the animal is ready to find a new forever home. (These animals will not be placed in foster homes unless it is deemed necessary.)
  4. Sometimes senior animals will be ready for adoption right away and may be adopted quickly.
  5. The senior animal goes (firstly) to a veterinarian to get a full geriatric blood screening to find out if they have any severe health issues/diseases. This is done so that the staff are able to treat the animals’ special needs right away. We need all of our adoptees to be happy and healthy, when they are ready to find a new home.

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  1. Senior pets coming into our shelter will sometimes have a number of medical issues. Geriatric pets may develop many of the same problems seen in older people and therefore may have medical issues that need to be fully evaluated. The MHSPCA provides for extensive medical diagnosis and sometimes surgery for sick or badly injured animals. Any ongoing medical care decisions will be made by the SPCA veterinarian, in consultation with the Shelter Manager.
  2. Some senior pets require care for months before becoming available for adoption. Thus, majorly increasing our medical costs.

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1. Any donations toward our Animal Emergency Care Fund-Save Old Souls Program would be most appreciated. “Please…Help a Pet…Save a Life”!!!

It is evident that while the MHSPCA has a heart for animals of any age and we are willing to care for all homeless pets; the SOS Program is a very expensive program. Our veterinarian bills have shown a major increase, since we took over the program. Can you help us?

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2. You can also help us by adopting one of our senior pets.

  1. Older cats/dogs have manners-they are socialized to life with humans.
  2. Senior pets are less destructive-Older adoptive pets are well past the search-and-destroy phase.
  3. What you see is what you get-A senior pet comes to you with his own history, which makes his future much more predictable than that of a younger dog or cat.
  4. You can teach an old dog new tricks-Older dogs and cats are more attentive than puppies and Kittens, and more eager to please their humans.
  5. Senior pets are great company for senior citizens-Many elderly people find the calm presence of an older pet very comforting. They appreciate having a quiet companion.
  6. Older pets are relaxing to hang out with-Senior dogs and cats have all the basics down and aren't full of wild energy to burn!
  7. Adopted senior pets are grateful for your kindness- Many new owners form a close bond very quickly with their senior dog or cat, because the pet shows them a level of attention and devotion that is unique to older adopted animals.
  8. You can be a hero to a deserving dog or cat. Almost without exception, people who adopt older animals feel a special sense of pride and purpose in opening their heart to a senior animal.

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