Humane Education


Animals play important roles in all our lives, and children especially seem to have a natural affinity for animals. The nature of their relationships with animals and the natural world are important in shaping their overall attitudes and beliefs. Encouraging positive relationships with other living beings and our common home - the Earth - is the aim of Humane Education.

The Medicine Hat SPCA builds resilience and community capacity through our value of always working from a Humane Education model. We constantly teach respect and reinforce knowledge, skills and attitudes to the public that demonstrate responsibility, kindness and caring towards other beings. Our staff do not regard animals as more important than people, but believe that showing kindness to animals and having empathy for people go hand-in-hand. Humane education is premised on the belief that individuals raised to be kind to animals will also show compassion to people.

We currently deliver our Humane Education Program mainly through the provision of school tours to teach children about animal care & responsibility. On a daily basis, we see an average of 100-200 community members come through our facility and our staff spend a significant amount of time teaching visitors how to properly interact with the animals, the responsibilities of owning an animal, the importance of spay/neuter in population control, and they constantly teach kindness, compassion and respect towards all living beings.

Medicine Hat SPCA


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