Become A Foster Home

At times, the Medicine Hat SPCA receives animals into care that would be better suited to be set up in a temporary foster home. This includes: Momma dogs and cats with litters, pregnant momma’s, orphaned puppies or kittens, animals with special medical needs and animals with special behavioral needs.

What the Medicine Hat SPCA Supplies:

We supply all food and veterinary care for each animal in our care. We supply donated blankets, crates, food, dishes, toys, leashes, collars, harnesses, shampoo, etc. Supplies are available for pick up between 12-6pm at our shelter.

What Foster Parents Supply:

Foster families provide an intermediary home until a puppy/kitten is of the age and health to be adopted. This requires a foster family to be patient and provide training while the animal is learning to get along with new people, animals, homes, rules, etc. Foster families must be available to transport animals to the shelter or to vet appointments etc.

Anyone who is interested in fostering a SPCA animal or would like more information, are encouraged to email or call 403-526-7722.

Foster Home Resources

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