'Extreme Shelter Makeover' Campaign

It's Time for an 'Extreme Shelter Makeover'!

Extreme Shelter Makeover

If you’ve been here, you know the obvious: the Medicine Hat SPCA desperately needs updating. With every square inch of the building now used to capacity, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to provide a decent environment for animals and for the people who care for them. The current building, a 33-year-old cinder block warehouse, was never designed as an animal shelter.

Cramped and crowded, with animals, people and supplies tucked into every nook and cranny, the shelter is woefully inadequate. It cannot support educational programs and has no spaces to bring in school groups and others who wish to learn more about animals. It cannot stop the spread of disease because animals are housed in inefficiently built spaces. It needs extensive repairs and maintenance and does not meet today’s building code.

But we have a plan! It is time to renovate! An updated and renovated facility will have an immediate and long-term impact on the Medicine Hat SPCA’s ability to serve animals and people, enhancing the care of animals and supporting the growth of a humane community. The benefit of the new space will be realized in pivotal areas because it will:

Expand Learning Opportunities: Children are this community’s future, and enabling them to learn about animals and their care at a young age will help ensure they treat animals responsibly as adults. Creating opportunities for the community to use the centre’s indoor and outdoor spaces will solidify the SPCA’s place as a “community centre” for people and animals.

Prevent the Spread of Disease: Spaces that are less crowded and stressful can help stem the spread of disease. Illness can increase the time an animal must stay at the shelter before being adopted. Healthier animals help reduce vet bills and also have a better chance of finding permanent homes.

Meet the Animals' Needs: Enhanced spaces for dogs, cats and other animals will ensure that their individual care needs are better met. For the animals in temporary care, a home-like environment will alleviate stress.

Generate Revenue: New spaces can be available for use by the community, creating an important new source of revenue for the SPCA. Funds can be directed to high priorities, such as the spay/neuter program, if fewer dollars are needed to pay for utilities and maintenance.

The only way the Medicine Hat SPCA can create the kind of animal centre our community needs is with your help. It is fair to say that the community needs the Medicine Hat SPCA — and the Medicine Hat SPCA needs the community. Support from people like you and businesses and organizations throughout the region is essential.

The Renovations will take place in 4 stages:

Phase 1: Holding Area (Cat Side, HVAC, Plumbing) - we need to raise $150,000! - GOAL REACHED! THANK YOU!!

Phase 2: Holding Area (Dog Outdoor Area) - we need to raise $160,000! - GOAL REACHED! THANK YOU!!

Phase 3: Indoor Dog Holding, Cat Sick Room, Cat Recovery Rooms, we need to raise $280,00!

Phase 4: Small Animal Adoption, Cat Adoption, Dog Adoption, Animal Drop Box, Building Addition, we need to raise $2.2 Million!

How can I help?

You are invited to help make this new facility a reality by donating to the 'Extreme Shelter Makeover' Campaign!

Please click here to make a donation towards our building renovations!

For more information and to find out about Sponsorship Opportunities, view our full Case for Support by clicking here.