What is the right dog for you & your lifestyle?

A dog can be an excellent companion, if you are willing to make the proper commitments. Your relationship with a dog should be mutually beneficial, enjoying each other’s company at play and at rest. Scientists have found that dog’s are good for your health.

People who enjoy the companionship of a pet, may be better equipped to withstand some of the stresses of life.


A dog requires a lot of attention and care. Letting your dog out in the yard does not provide it with enough exercise, stimulation or fun.


Dogs are sincere, loyal and loving companions. Dog owners can enjoy active, outdoor recreation with their pets as well as quiet, relaxing times.


You may not have room for a large dog if your home is small.


Certain dogs are noisier than others, and barking dogs will annoy close neighbors.

Type of Dog

If you have the commitment, time, money and space to accommodate a dog, you must now consider what type of dog to choose. Besides being different in appearance and size, each breed of dog has different personality traits and care requirements.


Are you financially able to care for a dog? Dog food can be expensive, it is recommended to budget approximately $50/month for food.

Medicine Hat Dog Training & Activities

These local groups are a great resource for new and veteran dog owners. Note these groups operate independently of the Medicine Hat SPCA.