Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes. We operate independently of all other humane organizations. The Canadian SPCA is a Quebec humaine society that holds fundraising campaigns across the country, sometimes using local post office boxes on their donation request forms. The donations are then forwarded to Quebec, and are used to help animals in that province.

Our hours are:

  • 7 days/week - 12 Noon to 6 PM
  • Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day

  • NOTE: We are closed every second Wednesday of the month for training.

Lost and Found Animals

Found Animals

Any animal that wanders onto a roadway, park, ravine or private property, other than the property owner, is considered to be stray.

For your safety, do not approach an unknown dog. Instead:

Note the breed, colour, size and location of the dog; and call Bylaw Enforcement at 403-529-8400 to request pickup of the dog. The Bylaw Officer will take the dog to the Alberta Pound & Rescue Centre (APARC).

If this is the first time the dog or cat is caught running at large and it is wearing a license tag, the Animal Control Officer will attempt to take the dog or cat home free of charge. The dog or cat can be returned if:

  • It is licensed for the current period.
  • The owner information is up to date.
  • Someone 16 years of age or older is home to accept the animal.

You can bring a stray cat to the Alberta Pound & Rescue Centre (APARC). As with dogs, your safety is important. Use caution when approaching or handling any stray cat. We recommend using a kennel or cat carrier to safely transport all animals.

Lost Animals

  • Visit the Alberta Pound & Rescue Centre (APARC) to see the stray animals being held.
  • You can reach APARC at 403-487-5671 or visit their website at