Christmas Wish List


In addition to cash donations, the Medicine Hat SPCA is always in need of supplies to help keep our animals warm, fed, clean and happy.  Please consider donating any of the materials listed below. For a printer-friendly version of this list, please Click Here

Bleach, Blue Dawn Dish soap
Rubber Gloves, Exam Gloves
Paper Towels, Toilet Paper
Aerosol Air Fresheners
Broom and dust pans
Large and Small Garbage Bags
Sandwich Ziplock Bags
Royal Canin Dry Dog, Cat, Puppy and Kitten Food 
Canned Dog, Cat, Puppy and Kitten Food
Wood Pellets (for Cat/Bunny Litter)
Washable Cat Toys
Dog Toys (Nylon Bones, Ropes)
Hard Rubber Chew Toys
Cat Collars (break away with bells)
Collars and Leashes (6 foot)

Sticky Note Pads (any size)
Photocopy Paper (8.5 x 11)
Envelopes (Letter size and window)
Permanent Felt Markers
Canadian Tire Money
Hardware Store Gift Cards
Grocery Store Gift Cards