bring em' home Microchipping program

To Book an Appointment

Call 403-526-7722 to book an appointment to have our RVT microchip your pet! The cost is $50, with all proceeds going towards caring for animals at the shelter.

The Importance of Microchipping

Many pet owners ask us, “Why should I get my pet microchipped?” A microchip is currently the only permanent way of identifying your pet. There are many forms of identification, including a collar, tags, and tattoo. Collars and tags can fall off, and tattoos can fade to the point where it can be become useless. Also, unfortunately tattoos become significantly harder to trace if the pet is lost out of their province of origin.

A microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and holds a number unique to your pet. It is implanted between the shoulder blades and is relatively painless to do so. If your pet is brought in to a vet or animal shelter, it should be microchip scanned upon intake. Their number is then traced and brings up his or her name, sex, breed, as well as your name, number, and address.

Each year roughly 2000 animals get brought to our SPCA here in Medicine Hat. 67% of these animals are brought in as a stray by either the public or bylaw enforcement officers. The national claim rate for strays in humane societies (in the year 2012) for cats was 7% and dogs was 45%. The Medicine Hat SPCA claim rate is substantially higher, cats being 14% and dogs 62%. This is largely, in part, due to growing popularity and knowledge about microchips. So please microchip your best friend to help us find their way home.