Momma Meredith's Holiday Wish

I am sitting here, thinking back on the past few months, and I want to share with you how very, very thankful I am. Back then, I was living up north in a rural area. I didn’t ‘belong’ to anyone, didn’t have ‘a person’. I wandered around my community following the school kids who would give me treats, and sometimes a nice woman would feed me.

One day, the nice woman picked me up and brought me into her car. Now that was exciting and a bit scary too! I saw new scenery and so many trees flying past me as we drove away. She told me that I was ‘in the family way’, and that she was going to bring me somewhere safe. After many hours of driving, many naps, and many pee breaks – I arrived at the Medicine Hat SPCA. Oh, and during the trip, the strangest thing happened, I gave birth to 8 puppies!

Lucky for me, when we arrived, someone who worked at the shelter was able to take me home. My pups and I went to her house and we lived with her for 2 months. It was amazing! I was allowed to be inside, I was fed 4 times a day, I ran, played, and got to be a dog. She took care of the puppies too, so I didn’t have to worry about them so much. I really must have hit the jackpot or something! When the puppies were bigger, they left me to go to what was called their ‘furever’ homes. All the new families seemed so nice, so I was really happy for my babies. I had never had a ‘furever’ home myself, and now they say it’s my turn for one too!

I cannot believe how much my life has changed. They say I have you to thank, as I couldn’t have been brought here, fed, had my babies looked after, and had all of our medical care done without your help. I am so very grateful to you – thank you.

There are so many more animals like me. I really hope other dogs - and cats too, I like cats - will have the same second chance that I have. This time of year, we get so cold outside and it is much harder for us to find food. So please, consider helping all my new friends at the Medicine Hat SPCA by making a donation this holiday season!

Love, Momma Meredith  

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