Medicine Hat SPCA launches ‘Extreme Shelter Makeover’ Campaign

The Medicine Hat SPCA desperately needs help to renovate our facility! Every square inch of our current building is at capacity, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to provide a suitable environment for animals and the people who care for them.  We have a plan! We have officially launched our ‘Extreme Shelter Makeover’ campaign to help us raise $700,000 to go toward the renovations and building of our Humane Education programs.

‘Extreme Shelter Makeover’ Campaign

We need the community’s help and the community needs the Medicine Hat SPCA. Support from people, businesses, and organizations throughout the region are essential to us. We invite the public to help make this new facility a reality by donating today to the 'Extreme Shelter Makeover' Campaign. With a variety of giving levels, the campaign provides numerous opportunities for donor recognition, including naming rights for individual areas within the new facility, for dog and cat kennels and even for landscaping.

History, timelines and expected outcomes

The current building, a 33-year-old cinder block warehouse, was never designed as an animal shelter. Cramped and crowded, with animals, people and supplies tucked into every nook and cranny, the shelter is woefully inadequate. It has no space to support educational programs, it cannot effectively stop the spread of disease due to inefficient housing for animals, and it needs extensive repairs and maintenance to meet today’s building codes.

With your help, we estimate that the fundraising and construction will take place over the next 2-3-year period.

An updated and renovated facility will have an immediate and long-term impact on the Medicine Hat SPCA’s ability to serve animals and people, enhancing the care of animals and supporting the growth of a humane community.

Contact information:

Katie Ayres, Executive Director

Medicine Hat SPCA