How else can you help?

Donate Goods or Services

For Phase One of the 'Extreme Shelter Makeover', we are looking for donations of the following goods/services (and they may be applicable for a tax receipt too!):

- Epoxy Resin Flooring 

- Metal Storage Cabinets (with doors)

- Landscaping design/services

- Chain link fence

- Concrete services

- Plumbing/outdoor drainage services

- Stainless Steel Commercial Sinks

- Cabinetry work

- Commercial Washer & Dryer

- Refrigerator

- Etc!

If you or your business is able to assist, either with a donation or a significant discount, please contact Katie Ayres at or 403-526-7722.

Fundraise for the SPCA! 

Plan an event with your school, workplace, community club or neighborhood to help raise funds for the 'Extreme Home Makeover'!

- Bake sale

- Garage sale

- Lemonade stand

- Silent auction event

- Charity BBQ

- Etc!