About Us

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Medicine Hat Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is to provide protective care for sick, injured and unwanted animals. Through our community programs we strive to promote humane attitudes and responsible pet ownership.

We strive to create a world in which all animals, and in particular those animals whose lives we can influence, enjoy as a minimum five essential freedoms:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst;

2. Freedom from pain, injury and disease;

3. Freedom from distress;

4. Freedom from discomfort; and

5. Freedom to express behaviors that promote well-being.

The Medicine Hat SPCA does not euthanize healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full, reserving humane euthanasia for terminally ill animals or those considered dangerous to public safety. 

Vision Statement:

The Medicine Hat Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is guided by a humane ethic to build a community that universally values animals, understands their needs, and takes action to meet them.