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We are so pleased to announce that we have been selected as a recipient of a Grant from the CanFel Foundation. 

Pet overpopulation is a huge problem all over the world. Medicine Hat and area is no exception, especially when it comes to cats. The Low-Cost Spay Neuter Program was put into place for those individuals wanting to help their animals but who cannot afford to spay or neuter them. If a person is on any kind of financial assistance they may apply for this program and may receive the discounted spay/neuter fees.

We currently receive a grant from the City of Medicine Hat to provide the Low-Cost Spay Neuter Program for City residents, however there is a huge need in our community to expand these services to the surrounding rural areas. We hear on an everyday basis from members of the rural community that there is a big problem with unwanted cats being dropped off on rural properties. These cats are generally not spayed/neutered so they procreate, and we have seen a large number of kittens from rural areas surrendered this year to the shelter.  

We will be utilizing this grant money to expand our Low-Cost Spay Neuter Program to the rural areas surrounding Medicine Hat!