For the 4th year in a row, we are participating in National Cupcake Day on Feb.27! You can order vanilla, chocolate or carrot cake cupcakes from us here:…/national-cupcake-day-feb27 or by calling 403-526-7722. All donations go back to the SPCA! Orders are due by Feb.20.

Sign up as a MHSPCA monthly donor today and help create a stable source of funding for our work so we can put our energy where it belongs: into protecting and re-homing animals like Momma Mercedes and her 7 pups, and addressing animal overpopulation issues.

Each pup needs to be vaccinated, dewormed and spayed/neutered while in care and puppies sure do eat a lot of food! Just $20/month becomes $240/year - which truly makes a difference!

Become a part of a group of special, dedicated supporters by becoming a monthly donor now! If you sign up to donate $20/month or more during the month of February, you will also receive a free Pocket Pet First Aid Kit!



Have you ever considered opening up your home temporarily to an animal in need? We are currently looking for foster homes, especially for cats! We provide all supplies and medical care. Fostering is an incredibly rewarding way to volunteer for the SPCA. Click here to download the application form now!…/foster-volunteer-opportunities