PROTECT YOUR DOG FROM THE SUMMER HEAT                                                                                    

If your dog is left outside, make sure it has access to plenty of cool, fresh water and a shady area. Never leave your dog tied up in your yard.

Always take a dog water bottle with you when you are out on a walk. Take walks only in the early mornings or evenings, when heat and humidity are less intense.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion or stroke and can include excessive panting. If you feel your dog is suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke, act immediately by submerging her in cool water (not ice cold) or by placing ice packs on her neck. Once the dog has been stabilized get her to a vet.

Be aware that asphalt and sand can quickly get hot enough to burn the pads of dogs’ paws. In hot weather, walk your dog on the grass or dirt where it is cooler.

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