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        JUNE IS ADOPT-A CAT MONTH AT THE MHSPCA ADOPT-A- PET FACILITYhttps://d.adroll.com/cm/n/out

Students, we want you to help us raise awareness of the importance of cat ownership. As cat owners we know that every single cat is unique in personality, behavior and appearance.

Did you know that if you looked at your cat’s nose under a magnifying glass, you’d see a pattern of bumps and ridges? Those patterns are unique to every cat; like human fingerprints, no two cats have identical nose-prints. Cats bring us much joy and are great companions for all age groups.

So….The Medicine Hat SPCA invites all students in Grades K-12 to participate in the “I LOVE MY CAT BECAUSE” STORYWRITING CONTEST. We want you to write and submit a short story or a poem about your cat. Only one entry per person, please.  Each story or poem is to be entitled, “I Love My Cat Because….”.

o   Categories – K to Grade 3, Grades 4 – 6, Grades 7 – 9, Grades 10 – 12.

o   1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded for each category