One of the projects we want to undertake to create a healthier environment for the cat's waiting to come up to adoptions is inserting portals in between two cages to create 'double compartment' cat condos. Research has shown that this is incredibly effective in shelters, and the cat's are much happier and healthier! It's not cheap though to make these doors, as the cages are made of stainless steel. If you can make a donation to help us complete this project, we (and the cats) would be so grateful!

The Medicine Hat SPCA is pleased to report that we have officially adopted a no-kill policy at our shelter!
What does this mean? Adopting a no-kill policy means that we will not euthanize healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full. Some animals relinquished to our facility, however, may be too sick, injured or aggressive to be treated or rehabilitated, making humane euthanasia necessary to prevent prolonged suffering or to ensure the health & safety of the shelter population and/or the public.

We are very excited to announce that Bruno has won the 2017 SPCA Mascot Contest!! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated their pets, and for all of those who participated by voting. Stay tuned for Bruno's 'official' launch!